website design

We are a small Web Design company which prides itself on our reputation for total customer satisfaction by providing an affordable and personal service. Working with you, we incorporate photos of your business (which we can take for you) together with suitable text, prices, selections, etc. into a stylish, highly functional Website. Please see examples for more information.

promoting a website

Someone looking for information without a URL (Website address) as a starting point may well need to use a search engine (such as Google, Lycos, AltaVista, etc.) We will submit your Website to these and others of the most popular search engines used. A Website is a powerful tool but to maximise its potential, we recommend you submit your site to selected portals and online guides and here too we can assist you to make the most of your Website.


A Website enables you to efficiently reach new customers and prospects, generate more revenue, increase efficiency, enhance customer service, and improve communications. Over time, you may want to amend or extend your Website and we offer both pre-paid support plans and ad-hoc consultancy servicess to design, develop and implement any modifications or enhancements you require.